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Donna grew up in Ohio, the youngest child in the family. She became interested in art, music and poetry at a very early age. In the eighth grade, her best friend Lynda taught her to play guitar, and that’s when her life-long passion for music and songwriting began. Over the years she has played out at many venues in Ohio, Texas, Florida, Virginia, Utah, Tennessee and Colorado.
The daughter of two military parents, Michael, an Aviation Electricians Mate (AE) for 20 years, and Rosemary, an Air Traffic Controller (AC) for three years, this apple didn’t fall far from the tree. At 19 Donna joined the U.S. NAVY and became an Air Traffic Controller. Five years later that parlayed into a job as an Air Traffic Controller for the FAA. She spent six years in Utah in the beginning of her FAA career, and the bulk of it in Colorado (19 years) at the Denver Air Route Traffic Control facility.
In 1996, Donna began pursuing a professional songwriting career that she still enjoys to this day.  Nowadays, she splits her time between songwriting and book writing, traveling for both.
Donna has two sons. Mark, an Air Traffic Controller, and Nick, a Software Engineer (lovely wife Katy, and grandchildren, Jude (age 3) and Ellie (age 1). 

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"Love each other through mistakes.

Love no matter what it takes. Cause love's the only thing that counts at all."

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Song Selections


Feel free to listen to some song selections in the Music section of the website. Donna’s songs are available for purchase on all major media outlets including iTunes and Google Play.

Song Evaluations

Donna is offering song evaluations under SERVICES
You must have a PayPal account. Donna has 20 years of experience in song critiques with the Nashville Songwriters Association (NSAI) and is on staff at www.songU.com. Her evaluations have been sought after for over two decades. You will get your eval in an MP3 format so you can hear musical suggestions as well as lyrics.