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This is a magical story about a lesson in life that the author gleaned from an old, wise, majestic tree while in the forest on a walk one day. This inspired message unfolds through the lush pages of beautiful forest scenery while it imparts a gentle, yet profound message to all who read it. Delightful and charming, this story will warm your heart with its simple lesson, delivered in a way that all audiences can understand. The Wisdom Tree’s pictures and message are an engaging little journey with nuggets of wisdom that little readers can learn, and big readers can re-learn. The story can help facilitate discussion about ways we can all deal with the good- and the not so good- that life can bring.

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The Protector


The first release of material from the upcoming book, A Lesson in a Higher Love.

This eChapter reflects the fashion–and passion–of Donna’s writing. This ‘first sip’ gives you an idea of the depth of the concepts she will be discussing, and the depth of her own self-discovery work as she reveals layer upon layer of resistance to new thoughts. The type of new thoughts that eventually changed her world!

A quick read at just 11 pages–but still reaching the depths needed to get a glimpse into a stubborn first line of defense of the ego.

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“The Protector: That Voice Inside My Head”

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A Lesson in a Higher Love


A Lesson in a Higher Love is Donna’s personal journey through layers and decades of entrenched beliefs that kept her on other people’s ‘paths’. Paths that she tenaciously held on to, hoping against hope that they would some day work…  They HAD to…  The alternative was too awful to imagine.

As you journey with Donna through her lesson in love, you will be inside her head as she describes searching around in the dirty, mucky bath water for that blessed rubber stopper!….  And you will be there as she tends to cleaning the tub out…only to discover the most beautiful new, spacious living place ever imagined!

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“The Protector: That Voice Inside My Head”

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The Garden of Eden Within



What if the Garden of Eden isn’t really a physical place located somewhere in Mesopotamia? What if it (and similar writings in other religions) is a metaphor for the heart?

Donna explores this analogy in her unique, creative way–fleshing out the symbols in the story and drawing parallels in our own daily lives.
From the concepts of the Tree of Knowledge, to the Tree of Life and even nakedness and communion with the Creator of all, Donna takes the ideals of the concepts and applies them to a new, exciting way to live life!

Perhaps the intent behind the story is still true–real communion with the Creator of all! These fascinating concepts are easy to understand and grasp in your own life.