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Donna has 20 years of experience in song evaluation with the Nashville Songwriters Association (NSAI) and is on staff at Her assessments have been sought after for over two decades. You will get your evaluation in an MP3 format so you can hear musical suggestions as well as lyrics.

What Donna Does Best


Donna’s songs are available for purchase on all major media outlets including iTunes and Google Play.

Donna has been giving songwriting evaluations for 20 years now. Fifteen of those years with the NSAI as a workshop coordinator, and for six years as staff at Your evaluation will be on song form elements such as structure, rhyme, sectional.


“I’ve known Donna Valentine for several years as a song evaluator through Donna is very thorough in giving feedback related to description of lyric content, as well as musicality. If you have songs that you feel are commercially viable, or want to get them to a commercial level, Donna can definitely steer you in the right direction. Donna understands the process of continuous improvement in the craft of songwriting. I highly recommend Donna as a strong song evaluator for all levels of writers.”

~ B. Cutarelli

“Donna has a great ear and commercial slant on songwriting that is very valuable to any songwriter.”

~ K. Kime

“Donna Valentine’s critiques would most aptly be described as ‘directed encouragement’.  She approaches her critiques first and foremost with the growth of the songwriter in mind.  She structures her feedback with a balance of insight into the craft of songwriting and the goals and experience of the writer. Her desire is to help the individual improve as a writer while improving their song.  She does not re-write the song for them but asks them to consider ways she feels will allow them to discover a stronger approach to the lyric or melody for themselves.  She cares for the writers she mentors.”
~ M. Townley

From songwriters around the world through

“Donna was FANTASTICA!  And so helpful musically and lyrically as well as being enthusiastic and what a pretty lady! Inside and out Bellissima.”

“Donna was very helpful and an excellent instructor with great energy. Great song feedback with ample helpful suggestions. Highly Recommended!”

~ songU Songwriters

“Donna Valentine is a sweetheart song evaluator, always on the money with an ear for commerciality and an ax for what won’t work.”

~ J. Oliver

From songwriters around the world through

“Donna was great and feedback extremely helpful and spot on.  And she has a very caring and enthusiastic way about her rather than talking down.  A great course and great instructor!  I love SongU!”

~ songU Songwriters

“Donna V is the complete songwriting package – lyricist, melody writer, musician, and vocalist!  The validation of her talent can be heard in her well-crafted, melodic songs.   She is one of the most gifted songwriters I’ve had the pleasure of co-writing with.

Because of her experience and knowledge of the craft and business of songwriting, she is able to articulate constructive feedback on the songs written by others.”

~ D. Opfer