Song Evaluation

Donna has been giving songwriting critiques for 20 years. Fifteen of those years with the NSAI as a Workshop Coordinator, and six years on staff at
Her much sought-after evaluations will include:

an mp3 version

of your critique discussing the elements of:
• Structure
• Rhyme
• Sectional Contrast
• Phrasing
• Melody/Harmony
• Groove/Rhythm
• Prosody
• Form
She often uses her guitar when doing evals, so you will HEAR what her suggestions can do for your song!
Here’s the process!
After you pay through PayPal, you will get an email from Donna to which you will send a copy of your finished song (no partially finished or lyric only songs.) You will send an MP3 and a lyric (either in the body of the email or as a .doc or .jpg attachment) to that email. In return, you will get an in-depth (usually 15-20 minute) evaluation in mp3 format only. Turn-around time is 2-7 days. It is helpful to include your purpose for the song in the body of the email. Are you an artist and this song is for your project? Are you a songwriter wanting a cut in Nashville or LA? Are you a hobbyist just wanting feedback? My commercial hat will always be on – so if you don’t want a commercial evaluation–say so!
Let’s recap the process:
•Pay through PayPal
•Send song in MP3 format when you get the email acknowledgement. Include the lyric.
•Include the purpose of the song
•You will receive an mp3 of your detailed evaluation!
$20 per song