“It’s never going to happen.” “Maybe I should just move on.” “I’m still waiting.”

These are all comments I’ve heard from people I know who are waiting for something to happen. For a dream to come true, a job, a baby, a spouse, a wayward teen to come home. I, too, have my own dreams. I am very familiar with the waiting. I know what it is like to desire something that seems like it may never happen. I’ve had those thoughts. I’ve had that voice inside my head parading thoughts around like she knows better than me! (Please register for email updates on my website for a free eChapter about that voice, called The Protector.)

What is the main issue here?

Time. We put our dreams out there and then when nothing seems to be happening, we give up. We get well-meaning input from others telling us that it’s “not God’s will” and “we need to move on.” How do I know what the TRUTH is? How do I know when it’s time to move on?

God (Source/Divine/Creator) said, “I am the Alpha and the Omega.” I’ve pondered on that. What is another way to say that? “I am the Beginning and the End.” What does that sound like to me? Well, it sounds like a story. MY story. I had a beginning, and I will have an end to this physical body when I die. But what happens in between? My life. Time.

So if God is the Alpha and the Omega, then God is also the In-Between. Time.

That brings a whole new meaning to the word time.

Time is now for me and not against me! Time is on my side! Time is actually helping bring about the circumstances that are necessary for my dream to come true! And yours, too!

We already know God is Love. And Love is God. If God is Time, and Time is God, then that brings the Creator’s perspective clearly to my  situation. If I have a dream that God put in my heart, and I believe that it will come to pass, then when I allow Time and Love to work, I am allowing God to work.

Do you have a situation that has required you to have a lot of patience? Well I have good news for you. God is also Desire. Desire is what we need to see our dreams through to fruition/manifestation! So what am I saying here? I am saying that Source not only gave you the dream, but also the Desire and is using Time and Love to bring it about. Don’t lose Hope! (Yes! God is Hope, too!)


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