Conscious Masses Mindset (CMM)

That is my name for the “Way of the World.” A consciousness that has been passed down since the dawn of man. A domestication process (or de-mystification process, as I like to call it) we all go through to have any form of unity with others. The CMM tells us what to think, so we don’t have to think for ourselves. How to act. So we will be accepted in society.

A way to judge all things, that is commonly accepted.

But CMM is changeable.

It molds to whatever is allowable for acceptance into the mindset we have all collectively created. The thing that the CMM is trying to change, is the Mind of God. (MoG) (Mind of Source/Creator/whatever you want to call it. For my purposes here, I will call it the Mind of God.) The MoG is immovable. Unchangeable. But in a most amazingly beautiful way, I’ve discovered! A good example is slavery. One of many societal mass thoughts which have changed. Thank you Dr. King! (And others, of course, but today we honor MLK) But imagine what he was up against back then! It hasn’t been that long. But it is proof that the CMM can be changed! The MoG view on this has always been the same—that all people are equal.

I think of the CMM and how it has affected me personally. I’ve made some mistakes by following the CMM. I have sifted through my own version and have seen how easy it was to just believe like everyone else. Fit in. At school. At home. In the military. In air traffic control. In religion.

All of those facets of my life came with a CMM that I “bought off on”. I wanted to fit in! To be accepted.

But I would like to focus on the one part of my life that was affected like no other. Love.

Let’s talk about love.

We all know someone who the highest love they can hope for is, “Well, at least he doesn’t beat me.” THAT is a level of love. Then there is the whole, “He’s just not that into you” mindset of love. It is, admittedly, a more self-aware love, and is surely a step up from At-Least-He-Doesn’t-Beat-Me love.

But there is a love that surpasses all of that. Many refer to it as God-love and only experience anything close to it in the parent-child relationship. This Higher Love is what I am talking about. It is something the Conscious Masses Mindset knows nothing about. How do I know? Because it is in direct opposition to it! CMM love is conditional love. It is what WE came up with to counter the unconditional love from the Mind of God.  Due to fear.

Conditional love is the love we all fear stepping into when we say we are afraid of getting into a relationship.

Because we don’t want to get hurt. Again. So we avoid it. But rightly so!

We should all be very afraid of conditional love!

So how has this affected me? Switching from the CMM to the MoG left me with the power and the control I desire! I can love someone, anyone I choose, with unconditional love. That means all their choices are fine with me. That means I will love them through mistakes. That means I know that I have what I give, and in giving unconditional love, I am receiving it as well! And it means I am one step closer to the MoG. The only way our planet can ever achieve World Peace is through the Mind of God. The only mindset that can unify.

And that is the reason we are all here- to let go of the CMM… and discover the MoG.

We’ve learned to fly the air like birds, we’ve learned to swim the seas like fish, and yet we haven’t learned to walk the Earth as brothers and sisters…”   -Martin Luther King, Jr.

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