All come from within.

All are choices we make internally, which cannot be made for us!

Most survive.

This is the the Status Quo. Circumstances happen to us that don’t kill us, and we learn to join the masses and just survive. And maybe occasionally we can find small, fleeting amounts of happiness. But it’s a choice we have made, so we will continue to survive. We live in our pain. We become angry and have outbursts of that anger that project our pain like a hockey puck to another. We all pass that hockey puck back and forth, because no one wants it.

Some devive.

When we devive, we transfer our pain to others. Suicide may end the pain for you, but it passes it to others.

Or there is one more option. Revive.

This is the only choice that transforms your pain. And you become whole and pass on wholeness to others. The bulk of humanity lives in survival mode. That is why the other two stand out. When someone chooses to devive, or cease to live, a survivor is affirmed. “At least I didn’t choose that.” “How truly sad.”

“Re” is a prefix meaning “again”. A returning to an original state. Therefore, revival is a choice, not an achievement. When someone chooses to revive they are choosing to go back to the state of mind they had before the current state. For many of us, that may be childhood.

Childhood may be the last time you felt life. You felt feelings that go with life. Joy. Wonderment. Awe. Security. Freedom.

Sur- vive means to live (vive or viv) beyond or over (sur- or super) an event. You can physically survive a heart attack. A car accident. Typically, the term inherently implies a negative physical occurrence. However, you can also survive emotional occurrences. That is the “choice” I am referring to here.

Fact is, many of us get stuck in survival mode until we are ready to choose to move on into revival. There are comforts and rewards associated with survival. They differ with everyone. Someone may choose to stay in survival mode because they cannot forgive another person for emotional damage. Some choose survival because they are still connected somehow to victim mode and are receiving what they need for now to get through that.

You might be thinking, “Why would they want to stay there? Aren’t they miserable?” And the answer is yes and no. They are miserable. But it’s better than deviving, or ceasing to live. And they just don’t know how to revive, or choose life again. It’s been too long. They are a Career Survivor. And maybe in their minds they’ve assigned cult status to it and they believe that’s as good as it gets.

Until they see someone revive.

And they know it’s possible for them as well!

So for every heart out there reading these words, I want to encourage you. I know where you’ve been. I may not have had the same circumstances as you, but I have been in survival mode. I’ve seen a few devive– even into its eventual goal—suicide. And I somehow found something inside of me that caused revival! It is called me. The very core of me. My Truth. And now I see everyone else differently. I no longer see a bunch of people who are making “bad decisions” (like I was back when I saw it in others). I see everyone doing the best they can with what they’ve got. And I see that every person has their own story and I have no idea what is behind their eyes.

Now I see a goodness in humanity!

I do not know your path, but I know pain. All of us do. I’m done judging you for your decisions. I’m not joining the Conscious Masses Mindset in telling you who you are or what you are. I’m joining YOU. I’m sitting with you. And I know you will see it some day. That Godspark in you, that True Self that somehow got buried. I believe in you. You are worthy. You haven’t done anything wrong. You aren’t what anyone says you are! Live again! Maybe you don’t even know who you are anymore- you’ve been what someone else wanted you to be for so long! Rediscover! Heck- rebirth if you have to!

As far as the choices you have made, none of us gets a do-over.

But we can get a do-differently!

Do something different right now! If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you always got.

Revival has been associated with sweeping movements. Masses of people. Join me in changing all that! Change the only person you possibly can. Yourself.

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. -Wayne Dyer

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