I was talking with a friend today who exclaimed, “Why do I do this? I have done it so many times before. When I knew a relationship was over, but I let it go on for far too long! I know what the truth is, but I don’t want to hurt [the other person].”

I have been there myself.

Here’s the real story behind the story…

So my friend’s heart has belonged to this one man. But for some reason, she has told herself, or has allowed society to tell her what relationship she should be in, and what that relationship should look like. She created in her life a love she felt commensurate with what she thinks she deserves.

She unwittingly—because we are all creating our lives based on what we believe—manifested that to be her truth in the physical.

Did it erase the Truth?

No. She experiences and lives in fear. She cannot have peace because she is living out of alignment with Truth. She has even developed all sorts of ailments because her physical reality is not in alignment. And in this life she has created, she manifested a person who will “love” her in this way. (Love in this case is conditional, and she set the conditions.)

But that person knows the Truth, too.

We all innately do and our emotions show us that. That person now fears the truth. He knows that this woman’s heart belongs to another.

So when my friend is not in her truth about love, she puts herself in a prison. When she isn’t honest about her real truth, she is not free. There is no peace. And this other lover that my friend has written into her story also becomes a prisoner. They experience great fear. He fears her heart is taken by another.

It is– so that fear will never die. It will just become a weapon. The weapon of pain which we all bat back and forth to each other like a hockey puck. When all the while her honest intention was never to hurt him or cause him pain!

There is a lesson for all of us in this story. I can relate to not stepping into my truth for fear of hurting another and I’m sure you can, too.

Live in your truth.

Whatever that is. It doesn’t need to be defended, just lived out.

And take no prisoners.

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