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Why, though. Why would all of this be true? Isn’t it easier to trust in what I see?

Simple answer—no. It only appeared to be easier because that’s how I’ve always done it. So what I was experiencing was comfort, not ease. I just haven’t tapped into the Universal Principals in so long (ever?) that I’ve confused ease with comfort.

Comfort is acquired through lengthy processes. Years of substituting and settling. To find that place where I felt there was a “trade-off”.  “I can accept this level of pain and deny my true self and shut down everything I know I’m capable of in my heart of hearts.”

Everyone has that glimpse of greatness inside of them.

Usually snuffed out in childhood.

But did you ever stand on the end table when you were 7, with your cape on, and JUMP really thinking you could fly? You tried it again and again. Did you stare intently at the cat for a solid minute (a long time when you are 7!) thinking your X-ray vision would kick in any time?

I did! That fantasy wasn’t silly. It was proof that I was meant for more! My heart cried out to be incredible! But I lived with limitations that have been passed down from generation to generation–nearly impossible to overcome! So I quickly learned to be someone else. To give up my dreams of greatness. And adopt a life of comfort.

It all seems so hopeless, yes?

No! I found a way to turn this all around! It came from inside me! Internally.

External devices have no affect on internal desires. This is proven over and over again in interventions on addicts. Addiction is the quintessential Poster Child for a kid whose greatness was suppressed.

But the suppression didn’t happen externally any more than it can be “fixed” by external pressure. This is the one key we all have in our own pocket.

So what am I saying? I’m saying that, yes, externally I was given a map or a construct for my life—by my (well-meaning) parents, by a teacher, by a friend, by society… But…

I chose to contain myself.

Now I must choose to let myself go! Go to that place again now! With my current mind!

Were you ever bullied when you were a child? I was. Do you remember that feeling? I still do. The torture. The physical beatings. The name calling and mental ridicule–all things I was afraid were really true about me. That I wasn’t strong. That I was stupid. That I was a freak. A weirdo that no one liked. Unworthy of love of any sort.

Tap into that. Then take that energy and transmute it right now. Hear the cry of your heart saying loud and clear, “I am special! I am here to change the world! I have something to give that no one else can, and it’s time to put my cape on! It’s time to save the world!” As only I can do!

That’s how you do this! And know that the God who created all of this (that you see and that you don’t see) did it just for you!!! For such a time as this!

I am not here by chance, to live all of my days out trying to remain as comfortable as I can, trying to attain something “doable”, and when I die, maybe I’ll go to heaven. That place “up there” “somewhere”.

I was created to bring a flavor/spark of the Creator that ONLY I can bring! It’s written in my DNA! My blueprint! And I have been endowed with everything I need for greatness! A warriors heart, a universe that will help me make my dreams come true, and a God that put me exactly where I am so that my seeds of greatness could germinate!

This is my time!

This is YOUR time, too!

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