In classical physics gravity is associated with mass. Although all objects exhibit gravitational pull, the ones with the greater mass have greater gravitational pull. Planets rotate in elliptical patterns around the sun. The moon rotates in an elliptical pattern around the earth. The larger the body of mass, the more other things are drawn to it.

In quantum physics, it is completely different. Once again, everything has a gravitational pull. But in quantum physics there is little if no mass. In quantum, everything is energy. We’re looking at the structure of the universe. At its smallest components, even down to a Planck.

“Relationships” at this level are beyond the four forces that are laws of Newtonian physics: Strong Force, Weak Force, Electromagnetic Energy and Gravity.

Relationships are about true connection through space, or that which appears to be space. Relationships in the quantum are defined through “entanglement”. The entanglement is more than a relationship between particles due to proximity, such as Strong Force in Newtonian Physics. Now, with quantum, great distances can be spanned and relationships are still viable. This drove Einstein crazy! He called it “Spooky at a distance”. These relationships have a knowingness about them that physics cannot explain. Perhaps because at this level, what is called “the unseen”, very important things are going on. Structural things that affect the spacetime continuum.

So let me apply that to my life. Let me see if I can learn from the universal principals- both Classical and Quantum.

CMM- Conscious Masses Mindset or the Way of the World

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-Like Newtonian Physics
-Biggest mass has smaller objects spinning around it but not fundamentally connected (knowing)
-Told what to think, like, say, do and feel.
-Biggest thought systems have others drawn towards it just because of mass but no connection to each other.
-Exogenous connection (from without or external connection only) to ideas/thoughts/notions remains local/only with those close to you.
-Connection to a notion (polarity/dualism.)

MoG- Mind of God or the Way of the Soul

-Entangled particles have the most power due to their “spooky” connectedness.
-Each energy signal can share information through deep connection with others.
-Shown what you don’t want but not told what you do, because that’s what your dreams and desires are for!
-Endogenous (from within) connection to the universe is the only way to connect at the quantum level.
-Connection to souls not notions (non-polarity or non-dualism.)

It’s all about relationships.

From the smallest particles, to physical bodies of mass such as a planet or a human being, I am just describing relationships between energy signatures.

If you only believe what you see, you will only have access to the laws of classical physics- that which describes the universe we see.

If you believe what you cannot see, then you have access to the laws that govern that part of existence.

The difference?

A tiny thing called belief. That is what rules the quantum realm. Thoughts. Beliefs. Forces that operate in the fifth dimension and others not in the 4D world we know.

Interestingly, thoughts and beliefs govern both realms. In the Way of the World or CMM, it’s other’s thoughts and notions that you believe that create your world. In MoG, or Way of the Soul, it’s your own personal thoughts and beliefs that create your world.

I was really stuck for many years in what others told me I should be. How I should act. What I should say. Now I know who I am and I am enough. Enough to make my own decisions and to be, say, do and act in the way that expresses my TRUTH. Which is how God sees me. If I can’t hear it coming out of God’s mouth, it’s not a part of me.

“I am what I am and that’s all that I am.” -Popeye the Sailor Man

Scientists do not prove things true. They prove them false. Truth is not known to the scientific world- only that which can be proven false.

Truth is not proveable. (This is why we still have the debate over whether or not there is a God) What is true just IS and is not provable nor does it need defense. What we can see in the 3D is provable by Empirical Evidence. What we cannot see, the unseen, cannot be proven. The 4th dimension is time. I contend the 5th dimensions and beyond (Love, Truth, Beauty, Wisdom, Belief etc…) are not provable, but when you experience them, they transform you. Thus, “The proof is in the Pudding”. Which describes quantum. No one knows why it works, it just does.

Love is the force that governs the unseen, and is the gateway to all the others.

Love will get you to belief. Love will get you to wherever you need to go, because it is fundamentally what/who you are. You are not a body. You are Olove. (Omni Love and Olove are my terms for love that is not conditional.) You are particle (body) but you are also wave-form (being). That Being is Olove. So the more you open to Olove—love without condition—the more you become wave-form and can flow/partake of the unseen, where 94-96% of existence happens!

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