I am learning about masculine and feminine energies. This was brought out in a profound way through my life recently, through a trip to Disneyland! I had lunch with the Princesses for my granddaughter’s 3rd birthday. This trip came at a great time when I have been looking into all of this! It has helped me to see what is truth, and what has been passed down by the Conscious Masses Mindset, or CMM. (click here for my blog on the CMM!)

As this is unfolding for me, I am looking at it a little deeper.

Like what has the CMM told me about masculine and feminine that I bought off on?

Well- look at Disney movies. The princess/damsel in distress gets rescued by the Prince, who typically has to go through obstacles like fighting dragons or brambles or thorns or castles or dark forces of some sort. That she is helpless. He is strong.

But dig deeper. It’s never her weakness that causes her rescue. Or his strength.

It’s his LOVE for her.

Love is something we all are capable of! It can’t be relegated to male and female roles! She wants so desperately to be loved. Don’t we ALL? And in each case, the princes/male figures are overcome with love and brave the dangers required to rescue her.

As I look on my definitions of these two qualities that have been told to me, I see how distorted they are from truth. Masculine is controlling, overbearing, angry, arrogant. Feminine is weak, insecure, and incapable.

So out the door they go. And I am bringing truth to this picture.

I don’t think there’s anything in us that’s not in nature, so I look to nature for clues to masc/fem.

Nature does not exist for itself as many humans do. For instance, a tree does not exist unto itself. It exists as part of a system. It bears flowers for the bugs to pollenate. It’s branches house the birds. The birds waste goes to the ground and becomes fertilizer for the tree, which grows for the birds. It is all a symbiotic synthesis.

But the tree has cycles. It produces fruit, or pinecones, or leaves. Then it stops. Then produces. Think of producing as doing. And resting as being. Be do. Be do.

Or as Frank Sinatra sang, do be do be dooo. (-:

There’s the crux of masculine and feminine energies! Be and Do.

Let’s see… what else?

Well, for me, I had them categorized as opposites, really. Think about when God parted the Red Sea and there was a wall of water on one side and a wall on the other. Ha! Now I see masc/fem as more of a latticework. The energies go together like tongue in groove. They weave.

Now my definitions are more fitting!

Masculine- providing, strong, brave, bold, physical
Feminine- receiving, sure, intuitive, trusting, knowing

I like that a lot! And it is not gender-specific! That feels really good right there. Feels like do be do be doooo. Can you see that the masculine is do and the feminine is be-oriented? Yesssss!

I think of other places in life where there is a do-be balance. The waves on the shore have a rhythm. They do be do be doooo. My breathing has a do-be pattern, as well, as I do to breathe in, and be to exhale. Do be do be doooo! I’m getting away from the dualistic mindset of “this or that”, “black or white”, and embracing the non-dualistic mindset that looks at both and doesn’t see “good and bad” but sees all as part. Part of what has been necessary to awaken me!

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