My mom had a near death experience (NDE) when I was ten. She spoke reverently about the “light at the end of the tunnel.” She said it was the brightest light she’d ever seen, but yet when she looked at it it didn’t dazzle her. She said she felt incredible love coming from the light, more than she’d ever experienced on earth! That it spoke to her but it was more a knowing in her heart, her core, not audible. This was a life-altering experience for Mom. She had seen beyond the veil and was changed.

I don’t think we have to die to see beyond the veil.

To know and feel the love of the Source of all Light. Jesus even stated, “on earth as it is in heaven”, indicating that that was possible. It’s a Kingdom. A realm that exists concurrently with ours but is not visible with the eye. Love is the ruler of this kingdom. Or better said, Love is the rule of this unseen kingdom. A Love beyond anything we know in our kingdom. But a Love burgeoning to come into our lives. Ripe for the picking! It’s already there. Waiting for us to “see” it with the one thing we’ve been given with which to “see” this light. Not our eyes, but with our heart. Our hearts are like radio tuners, tuning into the frequency/vibration of love.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla

Our eyes see visible light vibrating. Our ears hear vibrations. Our fingers can touch objects which are nothing more than fermions vibrating at such a low frequency that they materialize. But it’s our heart that tunes into the vibrations of Love—the most powerful force or vibration in the universe.

Love is everywhere. It’s in everything. It’s the core of our existence. It’s what connects us to every thing living. Scientists have said that molecules are 99.9% empty. What if that 99.9% was just the light/love we cannot see with our eyes but can feel with our hearts? That would mean that Love permeates absolutely everything that is in the visible and invisible! And what if that Love saw the Whole and wanted to find a way to communicate that to us so we might understand life better and be better equipped to do what we came here to do—Experience!

Then wouldn’t trusting that Love become far easier?

Knowing you don’t have to trust only what your eyes see, but that everything in existence is FOR you and not AGAINST you. And it’s not controlled by anything external. No person can give it to you. You’ve already “got it”. You’ve already got the device that receives it. Your heart. All you have to do is go within. Keep doing it more and more every day. You are up against incredibly ingrained training of the Conscious Masses Mindset (Clink here for blog on The Mindset) that has told you that you can’t trust your heart. Can’t trust yourself. You aren’t enough. You aren’t “worthy”.

The Mindset keeps us from “seeing” the Light of Love. It keeps us focused firmly on only what we see with our eyes. Tells us to “face reality”. It is opposed to The Mind of God. Which says that you are endowed with God’s powers- and creation is one of them. Love is another. Wholeness, joy, Truth, understanding… all within your grasp because you were given this awesome receiver! Your heart.

Your heart is innately GOOD.

It is the part of you that connects with Source—your foundation. It also connects you to others. Because they are one with God as well. God is the Source of Love that flows. To us and through us.

Love is the Light that guides—even when your eyes are closed.

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