If you live in a world of sin, shame and punishment, you won’t even see Unconditional Love as an answer. When you don’t see your own self worth, Unconditional Love, which is always there, doesn’t seem to matter or be enough, because it is gentle and quiet and never fails. It’s taken for granted. Not because it isn’t enough. It’s always enough. It’s taken for granted because we are conditioned by conditional love. What I call the Conscious Masses Mindset or CMM. (Click here for my blog on CMM) [spacer height=”20px”]

Conditional love is loud![spacer height=”20px”]
It requires from us. It clambers for attention and screams and yells and creates urgency! So I put my attention there. Thinking I need to deal with it because it is readily affecting my life! [spacer height=”20px”]

When all I really need to do is rest in the arms of Unconditional Love and the alarms and sirens and urgency fade. Fade into everlasting safeness. Calm. Quiet. Everything that feeds my soul. [spacer height=”20px”]
Is it Pollyanna to do this? To rest when the three-alarm fire blazes brightly? Threatens everything I own? Threatens my very life? I must don my hat, heavy gear, fire hose! I must put out the fire! It’s up to me and only me! No one else can stop it, I’ve been told. It’s threatening everything I own! My very LIFE![spacer height=”20px”]
Or is it?[spacer height=”20px”]
What is it really threatening?[spacer height=”20px”]
Me or who I think I am? My life? Or the life I created that causes me pain and anguish? The one that needs to burn off.[spacer height=”20px”]
So I let the fire burn. Relax into the armchair of Unconditional Love. This is how I was designed. The way. When I truly rest and stop doing and start being. The real me. Listening to my heart and stepping into my truth—not what others think my life should look like, but what I really want. Then everyone around me benefits, too, because my joy overflows onto them![spacer height=”20px”]
And who knows, maybe as one by one we ALL do this, we can find something truly beautiful on a grand scale: World Peace.[spacer height=”20px”]
“God seems to be about “turning” our loves around (in Greek, meta-noia), and using them toward the Great Love that is their true object. All lesser loves are training wheels, which are good in themselves, but still training wheels.” -Richard Rohr
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